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Welcome to TheSwimmingPoolStore.co.uk we have a wide variety of swimming pool accessories, swimming pool supplies, games, pumps, filters and covers available for easy online purchase. We feel that we provide a comprehensive product range that is backed up with over 45 years of experience in the swimming pool industry.

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Purchasing Online Made Easy

Purchasing from our site couldn’t be simpler and we are sure that you will gain more confidence knowing that we are pool building & maintenance professionals and fully support our entire product range. We have a vast variety of products for indoor / outdoor pools, Spas, Hot tubs & Above ground pools.

Swimming Pool Accessories for All Pool Types

We have a vast range of swimming pool accessories on offer including goggles/swimsuits and all manner of chemicals including chlorine and bromine solutions - all supplied with certificates of safety and downloadable user guides.

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We have supplies suitable for all pool types. Whether indoors, outdoors or simple paddling pools. With our range of equipment such as swimming pool heaters for outdoor pools, outdoor and indoor lighting and pumps and filters. We also have lots of products that suit every size pool and also size-specific products. Simply read the description of each product to choose the supplies for you. Also we stock a wide selection of swimming pool cleaner systems.

Products For All Seasons

Swimming pools are used for many different purposes, more commonly used for social purposes, used for fitness, aesthetic and also to increase the value of a property. Most importantly they are meant to be fun. The reason why we sell such a wide variety of swimming pool products on our Website is so that we can guarantee that for whatever reason you have a swimming pool - it is always kept in the best of health and is superbly equipped for whatever purpose you wish to use it.

Here at theswimmingpoolstore we are dedicated to giving our customers a high level of service, value for money and the right products at the right price.We offer free shipping for any order priced over £60 to the UK mainland (excludes some postcodes) and any other product has a set delivery rate of £6.99.

Keep an eye on our special offers section which will change throughout the year with some of our best deals. you can also subscribe to our product lists and keep up to date with all of our prices and new promotions.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone on 01494 483652.

We truly believe that your pool is there to be enjoyed and want to help take some of the hassle of running and maintaining your pool to ensure its always available to enjoy, this is why at theswimmingpoolstore.co.uk we only sell products that have been tried and tested within the industry and only products we would use for our own pools.