500 Micron EnergyGuard Geo Bubble - 24' x 12'

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500 Micron EnergyGuard Geo Bubble - 24' x 12'

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New Geo Bubble Technology - Larger bubble capacity allowing increased air expansion thus provides a better heating potential. Bubbles are 50% thicker than traditional shaped bubbles, strong UV resistance and a 6 year pro rata warranty system.

Geo Bubble cover systems have the potential to increase your pool water temperature by up to 8 degrees C whilst the underside has reflective properties providing a high heat retention capability and a thicker micron to ensure the cover is durable and practical.

What is an EnergyGuard cover?

The innovative EnergyGuard cover inhibits swimming pool algae and saves money, time, water and energy usage.

The product has a dark blue top surface and a black underside. It is this combination that gives the EnergyGuard blanket the ability to provide a variety of benefits to the pool owner.

Inhibit Algae Growth

The EnergyGuard cover inhibits algae growth in outdoor and indoor swimming pools. An EnergyGuard cover will block the light from entering the water, therefore stopping photosynthesis and inhibiting algae growth.

Inhibiting swimming pool algae offers many advantages to the pool owner:
Save money by using up to 60% less pool chemicals
Reduce electricity usage and costs by cutting filtration/pump time by up to 50%
Reduce filter blockages
Lower the risk of eye, ear, skin and gut infections
Avoid slippery surfaces
Improve the aesthetics of the water
Save money and time preparing a pool after the winter period.
Reduce Filtration/Pump Time by up to 50%

Filtration time can be cut by up to 50% when algae growth is inhibited. This will greatly reduce your electricity usage. Filtration will still be required to remove dirt/impurities from the pool and to circulate the water. A 50% reduction is achievable with regular pool use/bathing loads. If the pool is heavily used there will need to be more filtration.
Eliminate Water Evaporation by 98% +

With an EnergyGuard pool cover you will be able to eliminate water evaporation by over 98%, thus greatly reducing your water consumption and your water charges, as well as saving a vital natural resource.
Reduce Energy Consumption by over 50%

You can reduce your pool heating costs because an EnergyGuard cover will eliminate evaporation and greatly reduce heat radiation.
Absorb the Suns Energy

The colour black is known to absorb the suns heat in a very efficient way. The suns heat will warm the dark blue surface of the EnergyGuard cover and this energy is absorbed and transferred into the water surface area directly under the cover. An EnergyGuard blanket will also help to retain the heat within the pool.
Reduce Debris Contamination

Debris such a leaves, dirt, insects and bird droppings are not only unsightly in a pool but also provide nutrients for algae and bacteria to feed on.

When the pool is covered these contaminants will be kept out of the water, greatly improving the quality and appearance of the water.
Save Money

An EnergyGuard cover will save money by reducing water, heating, electricity and chemical costs. The EnergyGuard pool blanket can pay for itself in less than a year.
Leading edges make the cover end semi rigid and come with a central tow rope to assist cover back onto pool.

A bridge kit is for covers that have a roman end section on the short end of the cover and when using a leading edge kit only.

If you require a roman end section to be added to your cover please select from the options below.

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Was: £309.06

Now: £188.00

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