Hot-Tub Chemicals

Hot-Tub Chemicals



Your hot tub is a very delicately balanced system that is designed to stay clean at all times, which is why it is essential that you pay a lot of attention to maintaining it. Here at The Swimming Pool Store we understand the steps that need to be taken and can help provide you with the necessary hot tub chemicals required in order to ensure that your hot tub is kept in the best condition possible.

If not properly maintained, hot tubs can be a breeding ground for bacteria as the warm temperature is ideal for it to thrive, which is why you need to use high quality chemicals which are safe for hot tub use. We supply a number of well-known brands such as Fi-Clor and Aquasparkle, as well as a range of starter kits.

Whether you are filling it for the first time or are looking for the correct hot tub chemicals to maintain a comfortable balance, make sure The Swimming Pool Store is your first port of call.

Starting Up Your Spa

When filling your spa for the first time (commissioning) or when refilling after it has been empty for a period, it is strongly recommended that shock chlorination should be carried out on the cold fresh water. The hot tub chemicals such as Fi-Clor Spa Shock or Fi-Clor Superchlorinator are ideal products for this purpose as they are unstabilised chlorine donors and will deliver the maximum effectiveness. The free available chlorine level should be taken to either 25mg/l (ppm) for a minimum of two hours, or 50mg/l (ppm) for a minimum of one hour. While the spa is being chlorinated to these high levels, the water must be allowed to flow to all parts of the system, regularly monitoring the chlorine residual to ensure that it does not fall below the specified level at any time. Where an air blower is fitted, it should not be run for the first 15 minutes to minimise the formation of aerosols (fine spa water mist).

Spa Chemicals – Taking Care Of Your Water

The use of hot tub chemicals in a spa are to prevent bugs and bacteria forming which could be a hazard to humans. Bacteria need little encouragement to flourish; a nice dark warm place is ideal, and where better than in the spa filter or pipe work? Water is the most important part of your spa, indeed all the equipment is designed to either hold water, move it, filter it or heat it and so if you take care of the water, it will take care of you. The care of your spa water can be divided into three parts:

  • Starting up your spa
  • The circulation/filtration system
  • The Chemical treatment regime


So do you need to be a chemist to look after your spa?

No, but you will need to read and become familiar with the manufacturer’s instructions provided and gain a little understanding of the spa chemicals that you’ll be using. Follow a few simple rules and you can:

  • Ensure the water is bacteria free
  • Protect the spa finish
  • Extend the life of spa equipment


The Chemical Treatment Regime

Your spa has been filled with fresh water straight from the tap – this water is good enough to drink, so why should it require further treatment? The simple answer is that when you get into the spa, you carry with you numerous small particles, including bacteria. Bacteria are so small they’re invisible to the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean they can be ignored. Living organisms such as bacteria need, as we do, food and water to survive and flourish. The water is already present; the food is usually in the form of skin particles which are covered in bacteria, along with other nutrients. You must, therefore, treat the water and kill off these bacteria with the relevant spa chemicals.


The pH scale reveals how acidic or basic the water is.

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