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Pool Lighting & Fittings

The Certikin skimmer is available for concrete and liner pools with either flap or floating collar weir. Designed to remove floating debris from the water surface quietly and efficiently. The liner adaptor kit enables the concrete skimmer to be instantly transformed into liner.

Skimmers & Extensions


The pool skimmer is designed to circulate the top 6" of the pool water through the pool filtration system. The skimmer also helps to remove any unwanted floating debris from the water surface quietly and efficiently.

We stock two types of skimmer for both liner and concrete pools; we offer the collar weir skimmer and the flap weir system. Our skimmer systems are made from high impact ABS and come complete ready to install with the relevant gaskets, fittings and deck lid.

Wide Angle Throat Extensions

Wide angled skimmers are designed for installation in block and liner pools. The wide angled throat incorporates a front bezel eliminating the need for expensive finishing work and provides an effective "funnel" through to the skimmer.

Supplied complete with all necessary gaskets, screws and faceplates.

Parallel Extension Throats

These are designed for installation in block and liner pools. The Certikin parallel extension throat incorporates the revolutionary front adaptor kit aiding installation. Due to the throat design, parallel extension throats can be fitted together to help create a long channel for those difficult jobs.

Inlet & Return Fittings

Directional Inlets & Eyeball Inlet

Direction of flow into the pool is easily controlled by adjusting the "Eyeball" which features a safety grille to prevent children's prying fingers. By adjusting the direction of flow, heating and chemical dispersion is made easier.

Vacuum Points

For use where an automatic pool cleaner or vacuum hose is to be fitted. The vacuum point can be plumbed in for use either as a suction point or return fitting (depending on type of cleaner to be used).

Pool Pipe Fittings

You will find all the fittings required to plumb in the filtration system and any other systems for you Pool, Spa, Water Feature or Pond. There are two sizes of ABS pipe, 1.5" and 2" depending which you require.  In these Abs fittings you will find all the Pipe, Elbows, Tee-Joints, Cuplings, Unions, Sockot Nipples, End Caps, Reducers, Hosetails and Valves you require plus the Glue to fix them and Cleaner to clean them. 

We also have Flexi Pipe and Fittings for underground work and for those awkward jobs. You will find all the connectors, tee-joints, elbows and connectors to ABS pipe or Pool System.

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