Automatic Pool Cleaners

Automatic Pool Cleaners



Ensuring your swimming pool is cleaned on a regular basis is of paramount importance. A swimming pool cleaner will help to keep your pool debris free and safe for all theBuy the right swimming pool cleaner and chemicals for you family to have fun in. There are many different swimming pool cleaners on the market, and we have selected the ones we feel are best for the purpose. There is a range of prices to suit any budget.

Finding the perfect cleaner

With our wide range of swimming pool cleaners you are sure to find the best swimming pool cleaner for your pool. Our cleaners are unobtrusive and easy to use.

We know that cleaning a pool is not only a tiresome job but one that has to be done on a regular basis. With our cleaners you can rest assure that what was once a long and tedious job will be done in less than half the time! Your pool will be spotless and in perfect health before you even break a sweat. It is not only the time-saving aspects of our cleaners that we are proud of - it is also the startlingly clean finish that they provide. Trust us when we say that every good pool should have a good pool cleaner.

Easy maintenance with pool cleaners

TDon't forget your swimming pool chemicals!here is nothing more attractive than a crystal clear swimming pool on a hot summers day. Combine crystal clear water with perfectly coloured liners and surrounding areas and you have yourself a dream swimming pool. Maintaining that brand-new feeling however normally turns out to be a herculean task. Not so with mechanical pool cleaners and also with the wide range of swimming pool chemicals. Also to keep your pool in the best of conditions during those long autumn months you are well advised to invest in our fabulous range of swimming pool covers.

We have some of the best brands in stock:

  • Dolphin Supreme M4 Swimming Pool Cleaner
  • Dolphin Zenit 10, 20 and 30
  • Dolphin M3
  • Wide Polaris range

If you have any question about our range of swimming pool cleaners then please ring us on 01494 483652 or contact us online.

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