Blue Horizons Multifunctional Holiday Block

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Blue Horizons Multifunctional Holiday Block

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If your pool is going to be left unattended for a few weeks then you need the Blue Horizons Holiday Block.

This slow release 600g chlorine tablet is designed to erode over a period of 12 - 20 days depending on the water flowing over the block.

1. Remove the circular tab, prise open the lid and place the container and its contents in the skimmer basket.

2. Keep the filtration running as normal. This will allow water to flow over the multifunctional block, helping to maintain a chlorine level in the pool.

3. If necessary for smaller pools the lid can be retained, but a number of the knock out holes will need to be pushed throughto allow the water to flow over the tablet.

4. As a guide, use 1 Multifunctional block for pools up to 10,000 gallons (45,450 litres)or 2 Multifunctional blocks for pools over 10,000 gallons.

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