Spa Hot Tub Chemicals to Use in Winter

If you are lucky enough to have a hot tub at home, then you will understand the importance of maintaining it to ensure that it is ready to be used throughout the year. Hot tub chemicals from the Swimming Pool Store are a simple yet effective way to keep your spa water clear and enjoy a clean and welcoming hot tub. Rainy afternoons and cold winter evenings offer the perfect opportunities to make the most of your hot tub, so it could be time to invest in some high-quality chemicals from the leading manufacturers.

A hot tub can make a cosy home for a number of bugs and bacteria which could be harmful to your health. These bugs are particularly fond of dark and warm places, such as your hot tub filter or the pipes leading to your tub. Not taking sufficient care of the water in your hot tub could also cause it to become cloudy and murky, which never makes for a welcoming place to spend an hour or two. A filter cartridge cleaner, such as Fi-Clor Spa Cartridge cleaner, can help to keep your water clear and inviting. When a build-up of minerals and grease leaves your spa water cloudy, Fi-Clor Spa Water Clarifier can return your hot tub to its best.

Cleaning your spa features three essential stages which are vital to ensure that your hot tub water is always healthy.  When starting up your spa after a long period, for example during the winter when you leave your outdoor pool behind and head indoors to the spa, shock chlorination should be carried out to clean every part of the system. The circulation and filtration system consists of a pump and filter which needs to be maintained to keep your hot tub working effectively, whilst an effective chemical treatment regime including regular treatments with hot tub chemicals can help to extend the life of your spa and pool equipment by keeping it in top condition.

To keep your hot tub in top condition throughout the winter, invest in the highest quality hot tub chemicals available from the Swimming Pool Store.

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