Starter Kits – Ideal for New Users With Hot Tubs

So you’ve bought your hot tub and you have your fingers crossed that the British weather won’t let us down and we will have a hot summer we can be proud of. You’ve been day dreaming about that perfect summer evening, a nice BBQ with friends, a few jugs of Pimms and a nice relaxing soak in your hot tub as the sun goes down. But before you start digging out your bathing suit you need to make sure you have the right hot tub chemicals to make sure your tub is clean and safe.

When you fill your hot tub for the first time, we strongly recommend that you carry out a shock chlorination on the fresh cold water. This should also be done when the tub has been empty for a while. Bacteria thrive in warm, dark places so your hot tub’s pipes and filter are the ideal place for bacteria and bugs to grow. All the hot tub chemicals you need to keep your tub clean and safe are all included in the various starter kits we sell, as well as an instruction book on how to use them all. At the swimming pool store we have chlorine and bromine starter kits to choose from.

Chlorine Vs Bromine

-    They are both used to kill the bugs and bacteria that like to grow in your hot tubs
-    They both come in crystal or tablet form
-    They both keep the water clean and help to keep the water’s alkaline and pH balance at the right level
-    Bromine is more expensive than chlorine
-    Some people choose bromine over chlorine because it doesn’t smell.
-    Chlorine is easier to use
-    Bromine is a good substitute if chlorine irritates your skin

So once you have your starter kit and your hot tub is squeaky clean and ready to use, invest in some funky new garden furniture, get some friends over and enjoy the summer.

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