Pool Cover Rollers

Pool Cover Rollers



We have a variety of manual and automatic swimming pool rollers that you can choose from, available in a number of sizes. Our manual rollers are also easy to roll so you don’t have to do much hard work, making our rollers easy for everyone to use.

Ensuring that you correctly store your swimming pool cover is essential as it prevents any damage to it, as well as preventing it from being a hazard to those using the pool. Here at The Swimming Pool Store we have the ideal solution to ensure there are no nasty accidents involving your pool cover. Our supply of swimming pool cover rollers are perfect for making sure that the cover is neatly rolled and stored away while the pool is in use.

So if you are looking for high quality swimming pool rollers, make sure we here at The Swimming Pool Store are your first port of call. Get in touch with us today by calling 01494 483 652 for more information.

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