Replacement Slatted Covers

Replacement Slatted Covers



No matter what make of cover you have we've got it covered. At The Swimming Pool Store we have had unique slat developed that will fit any make and model of slatted pool cover.

Our slatted cover is not only made to the highest quality but at a great price without compromising performance or quality.  Our SPS slats are made from polycarbonate in various colours including the popular solar slat, transparent blue, transparent green, aluminium grey, and blue.

This unique slat will fit any existing pool cover whatever make you have, coupled with a high quality built to last design.

We can also provide an installation service with removal of old cover and packaging.

Why Choose Our SPS Slats?

  • Do you want cheaper heating costs?
  • Do you want to save time, water and chemical usage?
  • Do you want a pool that is safe to be around?

Like many people you said yes to all three questions so with the variety of slatted covers available why should you choose our SPS slat?

Our SPS slat out performs any other slat available as a direct replacement for your cover. This slat is design as a retrofit for covers requiring new slats of better quality.

These slats provide your pool with a longer lasting protection against debris, water evaporating, chemical and heat loss. This intern means that when the slats are fitted to your pool they will reduce your heating costs, chemical usage, time spent cleaning the pool which will save water due to the fewer required backwashes, create a safer environment and save you money.

Like most slats these are available in a wide variety of colours and all will help with retaining and gaining heat for your pool, none more so than the solar slats. These solar slats will dramatically improve the solar heat transfer to your pool water, reducing the amount of heat required by alternative sources and in some cases additional heating becomes redundant.

The stronger polycarbonate structure with UV protection these slats are made from provide many more years of use than conventional PVC slats making them the obvious choice of slat. The strengthened rigidity helps create a safer environment due to the superior buoyancy these slats will support you, your child or pet for 6 minutes giving you plenty of time to get to safety if you fall on top of the cover.

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