Safety, Quality, Design

Safety, Quality, Design



This explains why our SPS slats are of superior quality.

Safety, Quality, Design In Manufacture.

The quality of a cover is directly dependent on the slats, so let us explain why our SPS slats outperform leading branded slats. Our SPS slats are made from Polycarbonate which has a minimum expected lifespan of 8 years. As we believe these are the best slats available we are offering a 5 year warranty. When you compare this to the conventional PVC slats which last on average 6 years it's easy to see why our SPS slats are highly popular.

The construction of each slat gives extra strength and durability. The internal design of the slat incorporates 3 internal walls which give added rigidity meaning that the slat will not misshape over time and use. This strength adds safety to the overall cover to enable the cover to support yourself, a child or a pet for around 6 minutes to enable you to get to safety if you were to fall on top of the closed cover.

These internal walls give more than just strength and safety, this designs splits the large internal chamber into 3 smaller chambers which reduce the time in which the air, trapped inside, heats up. This heat is then transferred to the pool water, which is greatly increased by the use of solar slats.

This advanced design and superior quality ensure that our SPS slats have the perfect performance and long life span. With 3 large airtight chambers the SPS slats have reinforced strength and are able to hold a large volume of air to enable the highest safety buoyancy and high levels of heat transfer when using the solar option.

Each slat has a 60 mm net width and is 14 mm thick to ensure that they are strong, durable and can be used as direct replacements for conventional slats whatever make of cover you have.

The link mechanism which has been designed especially for these slats incorporates a double hook fastening system which adds overall strength to the cover. As shown by the above diagram there is a small amount of movement between the slats to ensure that the cover remains intact while moving, giving maximum durability.

The most common question we receive about the hook fastening system is, "How easy is it to remove and replace slats if one becomes damaged?"

Well in the unlikely event of a slat being damaged in use the answer is, easy. To remove slats is simple, hold the slat being removed, push down and twist, this will prise it away from the joining slat. To reconnect a slat is even easier, place the bottom hook into the back of the connecting slat and bend up, the top hook will click into place.

Patented end caps which seal the slat keeping the chambers air tight so that none of the air escapes as well as preventing water from entering the slat which can weight it down and damage the cover, These end caps are secured with a high quality adhesive so that they stay intact with the slat and aid with sealing the slat.

These specially designed long lasting end caps are shaped to protect the cover while being opened or closed. When the cover is in transition on and off the pool it tends to hit or rub the pool wall which can damage both the cover and the pool wall. These end caps are in place to prevent this damage from occuring and to guide the cover along the pool.


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