If you want to get rid of that green tint in your swimming pool water and restore it to its natural sparkling blue colour, this section will help you find the ideal product for your pool. At The Swimming Pool Store we have everything you need to keep your swimming pool free from algae and other contaminants that can make the water unsafe, and is where using an algaecide product comes into play.

Here you will find a range of algaecides in different formats and strengths, including concentrate, extra strong and five-in-one multi-action products. All our algaecides are chemically formulated to destroy the algae cells, preventing the spread of algae colonies and providing an effective barrier against the future appearance of algae. A single algaecide treatment can keep your swimming pool algae-free for a whole season, so make sure you get this cost-effective product and add it to your pool maintenance routine. You can now purchase the algaecides featured in this section online, as we offer secure payment methods and speedy delivery options.

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