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Zoggs & Zoggs Goggles



Here is a range of swimming pool accessories to assist new swimmers when learning to swim and to make the swimming experience more enjoyable. Our range of swimming hats and float aids are great for children and adults and there are some fun character styles  as well as the plain colour styles to choose from and we`re sure you will find something to suit your personal style.

The one element of swimming that can be troublesome is eye protection and we understand that both avid and casual swimmers require complete protection to prevent irritation on the eyes and that`s why our range of Goggles are ideal for anyone. Our range of goggles come in different sizes and colours with junior and adult fits available and if you prefer a snorkel set for diving we also offer these, also in adult and junior fits.

Being a specialist in swimming pool accessories we understand that swimming should be all about relaxing, enjoyment and fun and our selection of flotation aids all help to achieve a memorable experience. With such a vast selection to choose from, some of our popular range include Zoggs branded kickboards, Pull-bouys and Zoodles which are always in demand by children as well as the ever popular and more traditional swim rings and arm bands. To compliment these accessories and enable you to cater for the whole family we also have a great choice of baby and youngster aids including Zoggs Little Squirts, Glow Dives and Seal Flips which are perfect to help build confidence in the water. We believe everyone should enjoy being in the water whatever their capability and most importantly to have fun.

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