Blue Horizons Swimming Pool 5 Kg Bromine Tablets

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Blue Horizons Swimming Pool 5 Kg Bromine Tablets

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Ideally used in a chemical feeding device or brominator these tablets are a great sanitiser. These are small tablets which erode quickly to give fast available bromine. Blue Horizons Bromine Tablets offer the best value for money compared to all the leading brands. Bromine is softer on the skin and makes for a perfect choice when searching for the best bather comfort.


  • 1. These tablets are designed to use with bromine feeders and floating dispensers.
  • 2. When feeder device requires refilling with tablets always follow manufacturer's instructions.
  • 3. If other materials have been used previously, wash out the feeder thoroughly before adding tablets.
  • 4. Adjust feeder to ensure constant bromine residual is present in the pool or spa.
  • 5. Check bromine levels regularly with a Test Kit and maintain a bromine residual of 2-4mg/l (ppm).
  • 6. Check ph value regularly with a test kit and maintain levels between 7.2-7.6.

Note: It is recommended that you periodically (e.g. fortnightly) shock or oxidise your water, using Blue Horizons Non Chlorine Shock or Pool Fusion.

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