Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools



At The Swimming Pool Store we have a selection of Above Ground Pools, both permanent pools and fast erecting pools. We like to provide everybody with an option of having the "Back Garden Pool Experience".  These pools are ideal for people with smaller gardens, don't want to have an inground pool or who want an inground pool and want to try a pool first. We also have paddling pools for small children, these pools have extravagant designs to include a slide and water feature.

Our range of above ground pools splits into two parts, wooden pools and inflatable pools. The wooden pools are a permanent fixture for your garden and are suitable for the whole family to have fun or just relax. These pools are made to the highest quality at low prices and come with a complete package so you can get swimming straight away.  The inflatable pools are great for those with little room or who don't want a pool all year round. These pools are easy to erect and come with a filtration system.

We also have a range of paddling pools for young kids in various design with differnt aspects to suit all ages. These pools come in sizes to suit the whole family or for young children wanting to "Make a Splash". These pools are very good value and quality.


Check out our Above Ground Pools and " Make a Splash". If you would like some advice then please contact us at sales@theswimmingpoolstore.co.uk or on 01494 483652. 



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