Swimming Pool Covers

Swimming Pool Covers



The Swimming Pool Store has a wide range of pool covers to suit both indoor and outdoor pools. Our swimming pool covers are sourced from the leading manufacturers ensuring your pool cover is of the very best quality.

From this vast range we offer high quality solar covers that will not only provide free heating of your pool from the sun's rays but will also reduce the evaporation from your pool which in turn means reduced chemical bills and more importantly it will decrease your swimming pool heating bills.

The Swimming Pool Store also stock pool cover accessories that you may need when purchasing a new solar cover including hand rollers, solar powered rollers and fixing kits.

How Solar Covers Work

How do Swimming pool solar covers work?

The sun's UV rays provide a free source of heating that when a solar cover is installed the UV rays pass through the solar cover helping you to heat your pool and reduce evaporation. The metallic reflective backing will then trap and reflect the heat back into the water allowing your swimming pool to become more efficient when used with a conventional heating source.

Winter Debris Covers

Winter Debris Covers are an essential part of closing down your outdoor pool for the winter months. Debris covers are designed to keep leaves and other debris out of your pool that can cause staining to the liner or tiled surface if left for a long period of time, for example over winter when the pool is not in use.

The Swimming Pool Store offers two types of winter covers, the standard design and the heavier duty crisscross cover. Our covers are made from UV stabilised Polyethylene with anti rot stitching, anti abrasion strips and stainless steel spring fixings as standard.

Our covers are sold in the most common pool sizes, if your pool size is not listed please contact our sales team at sales@theswimmingpoolstore.co.uk with your details and we will provide you with a competitive quotation for your requirements.

Please note our pool covers are made to order and therefore have a delivery time of around 7-14 working days. Due to volume of covers ordered in peak season this delivery time may be extended by 2-3 days. Winter debris covers ordered out of season, in May - September, may take a lot longer as these covers are rarely produced in this time due to high volumes of solar covers. If a winter debris cover is ordered in this time then a member of our sales team will contact you to advise delivery times.

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