Fi-Clor 5 kg Premium 5 Chlorine Granules

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Fi-Clor 5 kg Premium 5 Chlorine Granules

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Multi-functional Premium 5 Granules

5 Actions in only one treatment. Fi-Clor Premium 5 Chlorine Granules is an exemplary product that outshines many other average chlorine granules. As it contains algaecide and a clarifier, it can easily prevent green water and ensure that it is refreshingly clear. This 5kg pack will last you for a while, as large quantities don't need to be used for each treatment; you only need 90g per 11,000 gallons of water. You also don't have to worry about the pH balance being affected too much as the granules don't make much difference. So if you are looking for a long lasting product that can easily kill harmful bacteria and other organisms, make sure this is at the top of your list.


Calculate the volume of water in your pool if in doubt refer to the Fi-Clor Swimming Pool Handbook

The product can be dosed directly into the pool without pre-dissolving. It should always be used when bathing has ceased. For outdoor use, avoid facing the wind when dosing.

Calculate the volume of water in your pool.

For cold water (below 20 degrees C) or non-circulating water, pre-dissolve in a plastic bucket uncontaminated by other chemicals (or other types of chlorine) and distribute uniformly round the pool.

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