Swimming Pool Enclosures

Swimming Pool Enclosures



There is nothing quite like going for a swim in your pool on a warm summer's day, but what about during the autumn and winter when you don't use it as much or maybe even at all?

Without the proper covering there is all sorts of debris that can find its way into your pool, which is why our pool enclosures are so essential for proper swimming pool maintenance and care.

Our enclosures also reduce water and chemical loss, but what's more, they can even extend your swimming season beyond the summer months by keeping the pool warmer and keeping you protected from the elements while you swim.

Our pool enclosures can be constructed around almost any shape pool and we have many designs to choose from, so for quality and effective pool coverings look no further than The Swimming Pool Store. To find out more about price or how they work, give us a call on 01494 483 652 today.

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